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May 3, 2011:
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Verizon, Sprint, AT&T 3-D Phones On The Horizon?

HTC, Motorola, LG are Making 3-D Smartphones

3-D Phone technology is becoming available as of 2011, and many players are jumping into the market at the same time. HTC and LG are introducing 3D phones for the consumer market, and the successo of those phones, combined with the killer apps they promise to deliver, will be the determining factor in the race to make tablets and smartphones into even more immersive devices. The advantages of 3D will need to be explained succintly to phone customers who will naturally pay a premium for 3D screens that don't require glasses. Additionally, the effect of staring at a small 3-D screen will have to be examined, because if it makes people dizzy or nauseous, then it will be an issue. Furthermore, the viewability of items like the Nintendo 3DS, which is somewhat limited (you have to hold it at the perfect angle and distance) may lead people to wonder if they want the same effect for their phone screens, but it is possible that better 3D resolution with wider viewing angles will make 3-D phones a commodity and a hot item for the holiday buying season. For smartphones with larger screens, the ability to view 3D movies without glasses may be a boon to filmmakers and phone sellers alike, since the glasses aspect (and the price) are one of the larger objections to watching 3D films and purchasing 3DTV sets. Some 3D phone models in the news include the LG Optimus and the Sharp Galapagos (sold in Japan) as well as the Motorola MT8203D and Hitachi/Technicolor's new design.

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Special note:The three dimensional effect is not for everyone and children under 7 should not spend too much time staring at 3D phones. And your processer is going to eat into your battery life because 3D takes up more power.